Magazine Subscription Service Agency

"A Brief History of Magazine Subscription Service Agency"

Our company is a small, family-owned, independent subscription service agency. The owner, Richard O. Emmons, inherited the company from his parents, Raymond and Elizabeth Emmons. The original owners started the company in 1966 while Mr. Emmons was working for McCall's (Norton Simon). Richard Emmons has been operating Magazine Subscription Service Agency since 1978.

Today, Magazine Subscription Service Agency continues to provide exceptional and competitive service to public libraries, federal and state correctional facilities, entire school districts, and colleges all around the United States of America. Not only that, but several international customers currently use our services as well, including: international embassies, schools, and military facilities.

"Little Things You Might Want To Know"

  • Our Dunn & Bradstreet Number is 78-645-4462.

  • Our Government Cage Code is 0ZML9.

  • We handle over 250,000 publications, including local and national newspapers.

  • We provide free "replacement issues" when available.

  • We consider federal and state government agencies, libraries, schools, professional offices, and businesses as our target markets.

  • Our primary marketing tools are direct mail literature to our target markets and yellow page advertising in many telephone directories throughout Florida and the southern United States.

  • Bulk, personal and gift subscriptions are also available.

  • MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE AGENCY is a full service agency, and our assistance extends far beyond the processing of your magazine subscriptions.